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How To Change The Shield Casting Name

How To Change The Shield Casting Name

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Many people have been confused on how to change or even if the shields casting name can be changed, Why would you want to change the casting name.

Reasons to change the casting name of the shield:

  • You have two or more shields on the same network.
  • To identify what shield you are casting to.
  • Knowing Which shield tv you want to cast to and so on…

so now we know a simple few reasons on why you would want to change the casting name below are very easy and simple instructions on how to change nvidia shield tv casting name.

How To Change Nvidia Shield Tv Casting Name:

  • Settings -> About -> Device Name
  • Or
  • Settings -> Device Preferences -> About -> Device name -> Change

Once you choose change you will be given multiple options to change it to or select the last option at the bottom and customise the name to whatever you like.

That’s it, It’s that’s simple change the devices name and you are good to go from there, whatever you name the device is what the name will show up as on the network.

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