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Windows 7 End Of Life Support End’s 2020

Windows 7 End Of Life Support End’s 2020

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This month loses the windows 7 End Of Life Support, And will leave users still on the 2009 operating system with a hard choice or a big bill.

Microsoft Windows 7 End Of Life Support

Microsoft have been announcing to users for some time now, about the end of it support to windows 7.

User are now will have to either risk using the operating system without security fixes and support for the old operating system, Or upgrade the system to a new windows version “at a cost”, Or purchase a new device with compatible hardware with the latest operating system.

Also users now have the choice to upgrade “at a cost” to either windows 10, as microsoft ended it support. Windows users won’t just lose security fixes and support but will also lose support from other company’s.

With the end of life support on window 7 operating systems other company’s will also follow. Company’s like anti-virus programs, spyware, malware, trojan prevention programs that users use to protect their operating system.

Windows End Of Life Support
Windows 7 End Of Life Support

End Of life:

  • No longer getting support or fixes.
  • Will lose protection support ( Anti Virus, Malware, security attacks, security breach )
  • Faced with Operating system Update or Hardware Upgrade Costs.

Some users have reported there are ways to update to a newer version of windows for FREE. This is false, microsoft have said that “They have not offered free updates to the newer operating system since 2016”.

Using any other method of updating is not from them, So be careful if you are looking or have tried the other method.

Read about this subject more and find out what options you have.

Windows 7 end of life support

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