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Wood Gasifier to run a “Four-Stroke Engine”

Wood Gasifier to run a “Four-Stroke Engine”

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Carbon Monoxide


So this device has been around for over 100 years and it was widely used during the ww2 fuel shortage to run vehicles as an alternative to liquid gas fuel, the setup was strapped to the front or rear of a vehicle so the vehicle could run easily, if you have the knowledge you could run vehicles from this setup or from fuel with a few manual switched to open and close a few valves to control where and what fuel type is to be used, Now be careful when setting up like this as there needs to be a air tight setup and flashbacks have happened, but with the right setup these flashbacks can be minimised.

What it can be used for:

  • Running a 4-stroke “four-stroke” Engine
  • Running generators
  • Running gas stoves ( OUTDOOR USE: WELL VENTILATED AREAS )
  • Running Vehicles “Depending on your setup on how much gas will be produced ( Setup depending )
  • Running gas barbecues (OUTDOOR USE)
  • Running Ride-on Lawn Mowers
  • Many other devices to many to list fully

What and Where NOT to use it:

  • INDOORS ( Not to be setup indoors it needs a WELL ventilated area )
  • These device setups create Tar and Carbon Monoxide

What ideas we have to be done when building:

  • These setups are known to create TAR and particles that need filtering out before a clean gas is produced and made usable without any damage to engines ( Filter and a drop box catcher is a great idea )
  • build your catch box between your burner and filter.
  • A Big gain you will get from the gas is if you can COOL the gas temp down before it enters the engine and it will produce more power ( Our idea is a Car radiator between the filter and the engine with a 12v cooling fan still attached )
  • filtering medium between catcher box and exit tube ( radiator if added )
  • filtering medium can be from straw, sawdust, anything that will help slow down and absorb tar and particles, ( “Our Idea” A Car Air Filter )
  • For the above idea to work we would need to clean the gas/smoke from TAR as this will clog the filter and FAST
  • A Car Air filter will clean the gas/smoke enough that nothing will enter the engine and cause issues down the line like piston damage, valve damage, tar is the main concern, we need to remove all the tar and the rest can be cleaned easy to make the gas totally usable all around

so after this little info on what we need to do and not to do, we are glad you are still here and reading more about this project and it’s potential as an off-grid alternative to running a engine to not only power vehicles but Generators, stoves, cars, mowers, but the possible potential to power homes off-grid with materials that off-gridders have to hand free and all around them.

The main thing for this type of project is DRY WOOD, as damp wood is not good as this will clog up the system and reduce the gas production when burning.

Build a Gasifier

Download PDF ( FEMA Build info and guide )

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